Tivimate Review [Premium App Google Reviews]

Here are some top Tivimate Reviews given by regular tivimate users from all over the world. If you are new to Tivimate, you must download Tivimate Premium Apk IPTV Player fully unlocked file for android devices.

Tivimate IPTV Player has been reviewed by thousands of users on different platforms including Google Play Store. This app isn’t listed on Apple Store but can be easily accessed on Android Stores. Checkout the most rated tivimate premium features by iptv lovers.

TiviMate Review

Tivimate Review
Tivimate Review

Google Play Store Reviews

Absolutely the best IPTV playlist management app out there. Now that it’s added the ability to edit channel names, that means many more hours of intense tweaking. With all of it’s possibilities and time that can be spent tweaking it, it absolutely needs a parameters/database backup option. If I ever lose or have to recreate all of my tweaks, I won’t. No, I’m not rooting to do this. It really should be in the app. Then, 6 stars!

The developer has an eye for detail and knows how to write a simple but powerful user interface. Easy to use and works great. Channels load up faster than others I’ve used, no issues with my antenna channels mixed with IPTV, well worth the $5/yr sub price. I’d love to see a DVR feature added in the future (with the ability to save shows across the network to a NAS or PC etc), and it would also be nice to be able to scroll horizontally to see shows coming up further down the timeline (especially if a DVR gets added). This app deserves 5 stars even AS IT IS, and I am excited for the future updates.

This app has been amazing. I have been testing it for a couple weeks now. This is miles ahead of what your cable box guide was and much more responsive too. After having tried most of the popular IPTV players out there, I have to say that this is by far the most elegant looking, feature rich and stable IPTV player I’ve come across (v2.1.5 on Nvidia Shield). Obviously, in order to take advantage of its full capabilities, you will want to have the premium sub, which is inexpensive in my opinion, considering what you are getting. TiviMate + Stable provider = GOLD.

Look no further for a m3u8 player! This thing is amazingly easy to setup. Can’t wait to watch sports games… you can watch up to 9 (NINE) simultaneous channels/streams (as long as your provider allows it). I opted for the subscription so that I can install it on multiple devices (Nvidia Shield and Fire Stick) – you can install it on up to 5 devices. Thanks for making such a great/useful app!

Very good app. However what keeps this app from being great is its recording feature and no tech support team for it. The record function only records for 4 mins OR if it records an entire show, the playback will skip, loop, or freeze. Basically the record function is useless. Until it’s fixed, save your money and use free version.

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