TiviMate IPTV Player Premium APK

TiviMate is another great addition to the world of entertainment by AR Mobile Dev formally as Armobsoft FZE. At the moment, there aren’t many better IPTV player services available than TiviMate, offering you to watch all renowned channels at the minimum possible rates alongside zero interruptions. But Tivimate is one of the top choice of the users when it comes to an IPTV Players list like Pikashow. There are many reasons Tivimate is one of the most favorite IPTV Player and we’ll explain it why.

Now you are not bound to sit at a specific place or time to watch your favorite movies or programs. Tivimate, from its registered IPTV provider, provides coverage of all your desired shows on your mobile phones or tabs, irrespective of time and place. We have fully unlocked Tivimate Premium Account Free which you can buy from our Tivimate Website.

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What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which is a method of delivering television content over the internet. It allows users to stream live TV channels, movies, and on-demand content through their devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and more. Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV, IPTV uses the internet to transmit the TV signals, which means that users do not have to rely on a physical connection to access the content.

IPTV services often require a subscription, which grants access to a wide range of channels and on-demand content. It also provides the ability to pause, rewind and record live TV, and the use of an EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which is a feature that allows users to schedule the programs they want to watch. IPTV is a popular alternative to traditional TV services, as it offers more flexibility and convenience to users.

What is Tivimate?

Tivimate is an IPTV player that allows users to stream live TV channels and movies from their devices. It is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Android, iOS, Samsung TV and Firestick. One of the main features of Tivimate is its ability to provide a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and find the content they want to watch. Additionally, Tivimate allows users to create their own custom playlists, organize channels by categories and even include EPG (Electronic Program Guide) which helps the user to schedule the programs they want to watch.

Tivimate also supports the use of external video players, such as VLC, MX Player, and more, which allows users to customize their viewing experience. It also has a built-in support for subtitles, which makes it easy for users to watch movies and TV shows in different languages. Furthermore, Tivimate offers a wide range of customization options, such as the ability to change the theme, font, and background. With Tivimate, users can access a wide range of content from different countries, including live sports, news, and entertainment. Tivimate offers free trail and Lifetime Subscription available for it’s users.

Overall, Tivimate is a versatile IPTV player that offers a wide range of features and customization options to enhance the users’ viewing experience. It is a great option for those looking to stream live TV channels and movies from their devices. If you don’t know How to Pay for TiviMate Premium Account, we have a complete guide published on it.

TiviMate Free Account Features

TiviMAte free account doesn’t offer all the advanced features as available on the Premium one. Albeit of this fact, the features offered for the free version still worth your viewing experience through the app.

  • Simple to use moderately designed app.
  • Interface designed offers a smooth large screen viewing experience.
  • Helps you align your favorite channels.
  • Supports multiple media playlists through M3U and M3U8 formats.
  • Always has a updated TV show schedule.
  • Modern user interface designed for big screens
  • Support for multiple playlists
  • Scheduled TV guide update
  • Favorite channels
  • Manual Channel Sorting / Customizable Panels (Customize your panel according to your needs with channels recording)
  • Recording (ability to record an IPTV channel for late playback)
  • Channel list (look at the channel list easily while you watching a streaming IPTV Channel)
  • Catch-up (Access to the Catch-up section of your IPTV Provider)
  • Search

Following on, TriviMate premium APK has about 10,000 channels to feature and a lot of features to access on the go. The app lets you manipulate and manage your channels and playlists and freely allows you to do a lot of other activities besides watching.

TiviMate IPTV with EPG

TiviMate Hack is unique among other IPTV Player apps because it comes with EPG guide set up in the Free version. This way, you can see Live TV Electronic Guide without having to do anything else. Plus, it’s free! An IPTV client may receive EPG from the following sources: The IPTV provider providing EPG, Player apps with manual epg importing and using free or paid 3rd party sources.

Tivimate IPTV Player
Tivimate IPTV Player

TiviMate Premium APK Features

Free version is suitable for many but obviously it isn’t better than the premium one. The free version isn’t an ideal one for the users because it has a lot of features that’s commonly found in other video streaming apps. Have a look at Tivimate Premium Cost.

TiviMate premium is all about the quintessential features. All the below-mentioned constituents that it contains multiplies the user experience and eventually turn out to be an appeasing service.

User-Friendly Interface

Initially, it may take time to know what is placed where. But the interface is not tough to handle. The app is very well organized and is quite similar in operation to a TV. You can resume, stop or pause your program through the same interface. You can manage your playlists and channels effortlessly.

Vast network of Channels

Just as in the case of the giant TV screen, you can watch all your favorite shows on your android smart gadgets. Get the subscription to specific channels and unlock all sorts of national and regional channels. You can even access foreign language channels through the TiviMate Mod APK.

Customizable Interface

Developers have kept it open for the users to make amendments to the interface. You can edit format, change color, select different font sizes, or can change channel size for various movies and dramas according to your wish through settings. There aren’t any restrictions at all.

Recording Content

TIviMate On IPTV player allows you to record content viewed later from the recordings tab. This can be a helpful feature when you are short of time.

Multiple Playlists

The TiviMate premium version is much more advantageous in this case as it allows users to create more than one playlist.


When you watch content in a foreign language, subtitles may be required. For such situations, you can use CC (closes options) from the player menu to enable subtitles.

Adding to Favorites

Use the ”Add to Favorite” option on the player menu to create a list of your recommended or preferred channels.

Multi-View Mode

Watching two channels simultaneously is also applicable on TiviMate Crack. Simply select Multi-VIew on the Player Menu for simultaneous streaming.

Sleep Timer

This valuable technique restricts your watching period to a specific limit. The app shuts off as soon as the time limit you set expires.

Backup and Restore

TiviMate premium lets you back up personalized settings, M3U links, playlists, and Xtream IPTV codes free. This can prove very handy when the application malfunctions and requires re-install.

Manual Tuning

TiviMate Premium account lets the user manually arrange TV channels and just like our regular TV sets, you’ll find the previously viewed channel on reopening of your TiviMate app.

Auto Frame Rate

TiviMAte automatically sets up the frame rate. The premium versions AFR feature ensures quick and high quality image display. Plus, you can also select picture in picture option so that you can keep on watching while being busy somewhere else on your smart phones or tabs.

Search Option

This option is really valuable to hunt desired channels, programs, movies, or shows. Indeed there are a lot of channels and looking for them randomly is a tiring job.

Getting Access to TiviMate Premium Account

Accessing the TiviMate premium varies due to the different devices you may use. For instance, you can directly pay and access the Tivimate account through Google Play Store on Android. 

tivimate premium apk

But, if you are using android devices such as Firestick or Fire Tv, you’ll have to unlock TiviMate directly through the app or through an application “Tivimate Companion.” Plus, you can apply for a license to the app and then unlock premium features. This app has plenty of positive Review on Google Store.

AppNameTivimate Premium Apk
LicensePremium Activated
DeveloperArmobsoft FZE
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Last Updated2 Days Ago

Tivimate Premium Versions

Tivimate 4.0.0

The TiviMate 4.0.0 was launched in September 2021 as an advanced and improved version of 3.9.0. This version ensures faster processing time and better video quality. Most importantly, it had a complete change of interface. The way it is now operated is far better than it was earlier. All these modifications brought further efficiency and smoothness to the functioning of the app.

This version ensures that the users get the right amount of freedom to customize the video player on their android. The feature, Last FM, is the backbone in assuring that the personalization becomes reasonably simple.

Furthermore, the TiviMate developer keeps fixing bugs regularly to reach user satisfaction. Thus, version 4.0.0 is an ideal choice for android users.  The Tivimate 4.0.0 is regarded as one of the best versions for watching movies and TV programs due to high-quality streaming.

Premium TiviMate 4.0.0 Features:

  • A Lot of favorite channels.
  • Modified Interface.
  • Catch-up.
  • Customization.
  • Auto Frame Rate.

Tivimate 4.1.0

TiviMate 4.1.0 has gained a lot of fame. This was the version which really added the flavor of modern features to TiviMate. A lot of positive changes and a lot of innovations added up to produce something as good as TiviMate 4.1.0. The significant highlight of the version 4.1.0 is its tunneld playback options in settings for the compatible devices.

This played a great part in helping TiviMate improve video quality and brisk video streams. Furthermore, the version made it possible to know User Agent within the playlist settings.

Plus, this version also gave the users an option to record. Recording a section of a video can eventually be used for different purposes; thus, it is indeed a useful addition. Also, users can now select local files through the application. So, a person can open up any video files on TiviMate premium 4.1.0 as per their wish.

Apart from working on newer features, the developers have also kept a close eye on the bugs. Thus, improvements are evident and all the problems that exist earlier are now seemed to be solved.

TiviMate Premium 4.1.0 Features:

  • Recording option available.
  • Good back up and catch up.
  • Picture in Picture facility.
  • Auto Frame Rates.
  • A lot of channels available.

Tivimate 4.2.0        

Every new coming version of TiviMate is aided with something better or new alongside the elimination of any previously occurring problems.

The 4.2.0 version enabled the users to edit the subtitles for the first time in TiviMate. Moreover, TiviMate started displaying all the subtitles available on your device and the user was even given an option to add any of those subtitles.

Furthermore, the developers ensured that all sorts of minor flaws in UI as detected earlier has been solved with a bit more flavor added to the design.

A notable addition was of Auto Frame Rate that ensured high video qualities and it even provided the user with the choice of shifting between 24/30/60 fps. 

In this version, you don’t need to worry about the updates as the app itself updates. Eventually, you can then relish the newer features and can find a way-out disgusting bugs.  

The cookie system of the application is a treat as all of your favorite channels, movies, shows, and drama episodes rank high on search.

Also, those who love to save files with some special characters then they are now allowed to do it.

TiviMate 4.2.0 Premium Features:

  • Fre subtitle search.
  • Subtitles available in multiple languages.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Improved detection algorithm.
  • Fewer lags and Interruptions due enhanced connection stability.

Tivimate 4.3.0

The Tivimate 4.3.0 version is nearly identical to the previous one besides few changes.

This version is up with more freedom to customize and personalize the app. For instance, users can now customize the long press of pause and play buttons.

TiviMate 4.3.0 version offers support to android multi-window feature. You can maneuver subtitles or can pause the video on one device and play it on other.

 Additionally, there’s an addition of option in the settings “Select surround audio track by default.”  Surround sound makes your streaming experience more rich and worthwhile. However, TiviMate Mod Apk 4.3.0 grants freedom to the users on whether to keep surround sound on or off and what track to choose.

Within the Info panel, you can even find out the date on a particular day. Moreover, unlike the previous versions, you can find out the expiry date of stalker portal.

The TiviMate 4.3.0 version didn’t had a lot of new features but was undeniably the improved upgrade of the previous ones.

TiviMate Premium 4.3.0 Features:

  • Engaging and easy to use interface. 
  • Supports playlists.
  • Updated TV schedule.
  • Good catch up.

Tivimate 4.4.0

TiviMate was highly praised after the 4.4.0 update. People did find out a few problems that required developer’s attention, yet there are no regrets of purchasing a Tivimate 4.4.0 premium account.

The application now started displaying all channel titles within the option ”show channel titles on Tv guide screen” under the settings menu.

Moreover, the app increased the stalker portal support. Apart from these updates, the developers fixed the bugs and made sure that user’s get the best out of their service.

Despite a lot of effort from developers a few issues such as buffering problems were reported.  But overall, the app is rated high in terms of improved functioning.

TiviMate Premium 4.3.0 features:

  • Good back-up and restore.
  • Enhanced stalker portal support.
  • A lot of different variety of channels. 
  • Allows the users to change screen resolution and edit FPS.

Tivimate 4.5.0

The TiviMate 4.5.0 has the potential rivalled to none. The fast and stable connection with the classic UI has kept the users captivated since its launch.

The best part is its support and compatibility for different portals/DNS/features and devices respectively. The version enables the user smooth stalker portal functioning and is equally supportive to Multi-DNS.

“Show Favorite Channels first” in the settings menu is the newer addition to TiviMate. This way you won’t have to search for every single desired channel.

This version also provided more support to EPG. You now have the option to set EPG time offset for the adequate timeline of EPG.

Plus, the options for forward or backward a video while skipping steps is added. This indeed is a valuable addition for quick watching or rewatching.

TiviMate Premium 4.5.0 features:

  • Added support for EPG.
  • Multiple features such as recording enabled, multi-screen view, etc.
  • Recently watched Movies Section.
  • Customizable.

Tivimate 4.5.1

After launching tivimate version 4.5.0, they found there are few bugs and errors and within days, a new updated version 4.5.1 was released which has the same features as 4.5.0 but many errors were fixed in this updated version.

Tivimate 4.6.1

This is the current version and here are the updated features of the latest version.

  • Possibility to select a video track
  • Possibility to hide newly added groups
  • Possibility to exclude TV channels for Xtream Codes and Stalker portals
  • “Full screen switching timeout” setting for the preview mode
  • Fixes and improvements

Recently few tivimate users found issues with tivimate version 4.6.1. A user couldn’t open backup. One issue was reported that Tivimate was working perfectly until I clicked update to 4.6.1.

Tivimate IPTV Player Pro APK

IPTV is basically an Internet Protocol Television used for content streaming. A conception usually prevails that IPTV player provides content; however, it isn’t true. IPTV is just a video player that when connected to another IPTV service results in video streams.

Through IPTV service you can make use of internet to watch your movies or shows on LCD TV. Initially, you’ll need a receiver so that the device you’ll watch your shows on is connected with the internet and the further control is achieved through Tivimate Remote.   

But a lot of people nowadays make use of IPTV service with their smart phones and tablets. The experience isn’t actually the same you will find on LCD screens but is still fairly awesome.

The credit of accessing IPTV on mobile phones or tablets mainly goes to TiviMate as it is regarded as one of the best applications to access with Internet Protocol Television on android devices. Furthermore, the integration of EPG, the built-in video player, and the presence of typical features in TiviMate makes it highly compatible with IPTV service, ensuring that LCD feel. 

Selecting IPTV Service Provider for TiviMate Premium Apk:

Some of the basic things you must consider while choosing IPTV service provider for TiviMate are:

Your Location/Site: You must ensure that the service you are looking for is available in your area and is free from restrictions. The service you’ll receive must possess al the streaming rights and appropriate streaming licence. Else look for other service providers in your area. You must even consider the possibility of shifting a location before purchasing a service.

Compatibility: Few providers restrict users to transfer IPTV content only through specific device. So, you must consider a particular device for IPTV transfer.

Channels: Indeed, you’ll be looking for a provider that can help you access a different category of channels.

Content standards: You can request the IPTV service provider for a trial period. During this period, you can evaluate the availability and quality of channels.

Rates: Prices differ due different packages. You should look for different providers to assess the rates and the package before purchasing one.

User Feedback: Know the people who are currently using the service you are going to buy. Ask them about their experience and then only move a step closer.

Setting up IPTV service on TiviMate

Setting up IPTV on Tivimate is a straightforward process until you follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download TiviMate on your device.
  • Subscribe to a IPTV plan providing you with the links to M3U and Xtream codes.
  • Turn on your IPTV player and add IPTV channel.
  • Create and launch your profile.

Now you can start streaming.

Setting Up IPTV Playlist on TiviMate

To set up playlists on TiviMate, follow the following steps:

  • Install particular TV channels on TiviMate.
  • Open up IPTV and select Add Playlist option. You are allowed to add playlist using M3U URLs, Remote playlist, and Xtream Codes. Out of these three, Xtream Codes is the most preferable one.
  • Now select Xtream login and enter the required information as provided by your IPTV service provider. Then move on to the Next.
  • Now enter any name for your playlist. This can be altered whenever you want. Now select Done.

How to Unlock Tivimate Premium on Firestick?

For those who’ll use Firestick for accessing premium TiviMate must make sure that they unlock the premium subscription. This is done in order to achieve hassle free and uninterrupted IPTV streaming experience.

To unlock TiviMate premium on Firestick, follow following steps:

  • Activate TiviMate app on your Firestick.
  • On opening application, you’ll find out that the premium features are locked. Therefore, TiviMate will show you a prompt, asking you to subscribe to the premium.
  • The pop up will display the premium features, you can have a look at them and then click Next to proceed on.
  • You’ll see a new screen that will be asking you to purchase the premium account through TiviMate Companion app. After purchasing it, move on to the Account option.
  • Provide your credentials (username and password) and log into your TiviMate Premium Account.
  • In case you have forgotten your password, then hit the forget password mentioned below on that specific window. Subsequently, you’ll be asked to enter your mail and reset your password.

Finally, you can make full use of all the premium features on TiviMate. You must follow a proper Tivimate Tutorial to unlocked Unlock Premium free.

Alternatives to Tivimate

TiviMate is no doubt a leading IPTV application, yet there exist those applications or services that can produce a bit better or can indeed provide tough competition to tiviMate. 

GSE Smart TV

It’s an influential application that certainly provides an awesome video streaming experience. Just like Tivimate, you’ll find a vast variety of channels to watch your shows on.

The interface for GSE is quite straightforward and is loaded with all the useful features, such as adding to favorites, exporting playlists, record, etc.

Furthermore, the app provides support to Xtrem codes API, EPG timeline, and subtitles. Also, the app supports parental control.

Moreover, this app can run on multiple operating systems including windows and MAC. Just the only issue is that app isn’t affiliated with IPTV player and provides none of its content. Yet for streaming purposes it stands out as one of the prominent apps. 

Perfect Player

Perfect Player is IPTV media player that is pretty useful in accessing videos on smart phones, tablets, or pads. It’s an absolute source of thrill and entertainment.

The app includes OSD menus providing a pleasant viewing environment with lesser effort. Also, the app supports a couple of playlists formats, M3U and XSPF alongside a couple of EPG formats, XMLTV and JTV.

Moreover, the perfect player app majorly helps you watch local files through USBs and SD cards. Though the app is pretty supportive for entertainment, there isn’t any of its own content. Users need to add playlists from settings as an alternative.


WisePlay is very powerful player that lets you play videos from your favorite websites directly, from some links, or from some internal storage of your computer.

It’s regarded as one of the alternatives to TiviMate due its capability to work meticulously on android systems. You can also explore a vast content of WisePlay if you use the search option well.

Plus, the application is supportive to M3U/W3U lists. Users are even allowed to share playlists with friends through QR code. 

Above all, the transcoder facility is special. If the video isn’t applicable for a certain device, then the transcoder comes into play and makes it compatible.

Mubi Go

Mubi Go provides exemplary service to view content in form of films, movies, dramas, etc. Mubi go has a unique feature of enabling its users view a new film each week at cinema for free. Just selecting the date and the show time and carrying the code along is what a user is required to do to watch every new film with weekly gaps.

MubiGO has a very attractive and simple-to-use interface that doesn’t demand you a lot of time to settle in. Plus, the sign-up process is just of one step, requiring you to just enter your email address, that’s it!

Also, just like TiviMate, this application provides you the option to enable subtitles in whatever language you want. Thus, there aren’t any hurdles in your way, access Mubi Go and enjoy streaming.

Smart IPTV

IT’s an effective video streaming application that is available as both Smart IPTV and Smart IPTV Pro. The Smart IPTV offers HD and SD quality streaming of different TV programs, video content, movies, and even live content. 

The application further comes with a lot of channels. Users have the liberty to select any channel from the playlist or menu. A very crucial fact is that users must have a very strong internet connection else viewing won’t be as great as expected. There are plenty more Tivimate Alternative available which you can read and decide to go with.

How to Download and Install TiviMate Mod APK (Premium) For Android/iOS/PC

  1. First of all, uninstall the original TiviMate Apk from your phone.
  2. Now, download the mod file from our Tivimate URL website.
  3. Simultaneously, enable third-source app installation.
  4. Go to File Explorer and install TiviMate for Android Phones from the mod file
  5. Open the App from the main screen and login
  6. Enjoy premium features of Tvmate IPTV Player.

Is Tivimate Licensed?

TiviMate is completely legitimate and is an authorized application to use. But the content library you view on TiviMate differs from region to region. Therefore, this can be the main point of discussion.

IPTV services that you usually avail may be restricted to provide you some of the content that can be normally viewed in some other region. On the other hand, other, some other media provider may have the licence to provide you the restricted content.

Therefore, you must avail the authorized service. In case if you are found illegally accessing the restricted content then you will be bound to face the consequences by the relevant authorities.

Well, if you have already subscribed to a service with restrictions on specific content then you may use a reputable VPN so that your activity remains hidden while you gain access to restricted content. We highly recommend you to try ExpressVPN.


You may try any alternative to TiviMate, but the features that the Tivimate Premium APK Cracked has to offer are unmatchable. You’ve got everything in this application. The video streaming is second to none, irrespective of what device you’ll use it on. And also, this isn’t what we just randomly say, but it reflects the cumulative positive feedback and rating of the existing TiviMate users.

To summaries, Tivimate Premium is the easiest and fastest service for live TV streaming and you can’t find such good IPTV app. You don’t need any other app to handle this apk so it’s fast quick to watch TV shows online. Now easily watch different movies, TV channels and shows without any advertisements. In case, you’re looking for an IPTV player and don’t have this app in your android phone, don’t waste your time and install it right now to get entertained by it’s free and premium features.


How do I get a TiviMate premium?
On our tivimate website, you can easily download TiviMate apk premium file. Visit our download page and download your desired version and complete the app installation procedure by following the instructions given above.

How much TiviMate premium cost?
You can buy Tivimate App from Google Play Store and it costs $4.99 per year and 19.99 for lifetime access. You can also download the latest version of this app from our website, it is free of cost.

How to use TiviMate?
Using this App is so easy. After completing installation on your android device, open this app and create your account. Login by using your account credentials tivimate username and password, choose your favorite channel and enjoy your TV shows and movies without any interruption.

How to unlock channels on IPTV?
IPTV crack gives you all the TV channels unlocked for free. You need to download and install the premium version of TiviMate Apk to access all the famous channels worldwide.

Can I use Tivimate Pro on my laptop?
Initially, this application was designed only for Android devices but somehow, you can install an Android emulator on your laptop if you use Tivimate Pro on your PC.

Is TiviMate IPTV Player a free app for android?
Yes, this android application is completely free of charge but in free version, there are limited features. To access unlimited features, you need to download Tivimate Premium Apk from our website for free or subscribe and switch to Tivimate Premium Account.

Is TiviMate IPTV Player available on PC?
No, this app is only available on mobile platform. However you can checkout Tivimate for Windows for further guidelines.

What is the latest version available of TiviMate IPTV Player app?
4.5.1 is currently the latest version of this app which you can download on your android device or you can also get it from Tivimate Website.

Is Tivimate available for IOS?
If you’re looking for Tivimate for IOS, Unfortunately it’s not available for apple devices! It can only be used by android users and iPhone users cannot enjoy this application.

Is it illegal to use this application in my country?
Not at all. This app isn’t illegal globally and use can use it without any fear. It’s just a media player that uses local internet protocol to provide quality content online to watch TV shows and movies.

What are two different kinds of subscription packages in this application?
There are two main packages for tivimate premium account. You can go for yearly package or lifetime account. The price for a yearly subscription is $5 only however, a lifetime subscription can be procured for $19.99.

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