Tivimate Premium Apk

TiviMate is the perfect utility for users who want to watch all their content from their registered IPTV provider on their mobile device. This allows users the freedom to watch TV anytime and anywhere, without needing to be connected to the same wifi or internet. TiviMate also comes with many great features that optimize the user experience with all the provider’s content through their subscription. Download the latest and previous versions of Tivimate Premium Apk IPTV Player.

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Tivimate Premium 4.6.1

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Tivimate Premium 4.5.1

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Tivimate Premium 4.5.0

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Tivimate Premium 4.3.0

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Tivimate Premium 4.2.0

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Tivimate Premium Features

Here’s the list of top IPTV Player Tivimate Premium Account features.


TiviMate’s overview interface is designed to be sophisticated and user-friendly, with many features that are neatly organized and easy to find. The interface works like a list, but the information and descriptions for each TV channel are specific and helpful. The whole interface is convenient and has many perfect interactions, helping users feel comfortable and tranquil when interacting with the IPTV.


Our app doesn’t provide any free content; instead, the user must link to the in-house IPTV that’s provided through a monthly subscription. The linking process is pretty simple, but there may be some specific instructions or minor problems that users come across. Once the connection is completed, users can browse through all their IPTV content and organize it however they want.


The only drawback of TiviMate is that an internet connection is necessary to view linked content. However, this also allows users the freedom to watch their favorite shows whenever and wherever they have an internet connection – whether it’s public or private. Additionally, users will have full control over channel and program changes while they’re watching.