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  1. Since I installed the new update, I cannot watch anything in TV shows tab. I get the error code: An error occurred: ParserException. I have tried uninstalling the app and starting again from scratch but it’s still the same.

  2. Good Morning
    how can I change the recording drive I am trying to use an external drive
    but is not allowing me.

  3. I have a lifetime subscription, but my account shows expired with an error code 404. How do I re activate my subscription to view channels again.

  4. Hi there
    Can you help me please in a little problem
    I was making a favorite playlist by adding channels but suddenly I made a mistake and I’ve removed a channel from a list ( by auto hiding it I think ) .
    How can I get the channel back on my playlist???

  5. How can I pay to get premium, the companion app I am using on my android box says it is unavailable. Is there a link where I can pay for it online?

  6. charge an additional $62.00 when I clicked on forgot password . I already paid for lifetime membership. There was no warning what so ever . It is my hope this was done in error and will be corrected asap. as this is totally unacceptable.

  7. Installed TViMate 4.7.0 on Google TV 4K and Setup SMB for recording to Windows 10 Share, but on playback I get An Error Occured: ParserException
    I am using Matt Huisman’s M3U8
    and have tried:
    with EPGs
    and currently
    Am currently trying
    Settings>General>User-Agent> and type in: Wink/1.31.1

    But nothing seems to get replay to work. The recording is definately being created as a .TS file on the share. Can someone please help?

  8. Created a new Tivimate account with a different email and when I login it is bringing up my old account. Now I cannot purchase Tivimate. Please help.

  9. Hello team,
    I have a “TiviMate Premium (TiviMate IPTV Player) Armobsoft FZE” account, using device “”NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV”.
    Unfortunately, the server hosting my M3U link is down => Therefore I need to modify this M3U with a new one.
    Could you please let me know how to proceed to modify my current M3U link in my account?
    Thanks in advance for your support & feedback.

  10. On several occasions my iptv provider got completely reset, all my favorites got deleted and I had to refresh to get all the channels back to add them again. It happend on google tv amd firestick.

  11. Can someone help me cancel my subscription. A friend put this on my google tv box and it doesn’t work and I can’t get in to cancel. PLEASE HELP ME

  12. Hello,
    I have Tivimate Premium, suddenly it stopped working last night. I use xtream Codes.
    I uninstalled the app and started fresh, when trying to add playlist I get an error.
    I tried it on Nvidia shield tv , also tried on blueStack emulator on both I get the same thing.
    “An error has occured while processing the playlist. make sure you have entered the correct data and check internet “


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