FM Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Version Anti-Ban

FM WhatsApp Apk Free Download latest version official. Get the latest version and new FM WhatsApp APK to your Android device to enjoy all the features. FM Whatsapp is a mod version that gives world better than WhatsApp messenger. As we already know that WhatsApp is one of the most well-known social media communication platforms ever and has many number of users and downloaders across the world. Developer team has come up with numerous awesome features compare to the original version. Also check Tivimate IPTV Player Premium Apk for android.

What is FM Whatsapp

The FM Whatsapp APK and official WhatsApp application are two apps that nearly similar apps. The method of download, installation and setup, sending and receiving texts sending and sending and receiving media or any other data and files are exactly the same between both the applications. Also check How to Install TiviMate IPTV Player on Firestick.

FM Whatsapp Apk

The noticeable differences when considering FM Whatsapp vs WhatsApp Official are the features. Official whatsapp application and FM Whatsapp has slight differences in their features extension. So for a basic point speaking, any user who has used the official WhatsApp application earlier will feel right at home with the FM Whatsapp Android app. The additional privacy features compares to official whatsapp and user-friendly functionalities that are provided by FM Whatsapp are the main attraction to use this app to your device.

FM Whatsapp Apk Features

1. Suspension of your last seen

In the official whatsapp there is an option so called to disable your last seen. By enabling this option your last seen will not be check by others, it’s not visible. Same way other users last seen activity will not able possible to see if you enable the option. But there is a slight difference if you are using mod version of whatsapp. You can disable your last seen, although you can check the last seen activities of the users.

2. Hide view status in FM Whatsapp Apk

Everyone wants to follow others’ to know their activities without being noticed to them. For those it will be useful feature. What about viewing your friends’ stories without knowing to them?  Do you think it is possible? Yes, this is true. It can be possible With FM Whatsapp which is mod version of Official whatsapp. In the official whatsapp it cannot be possible. But in the mod version it is possible. You can view the other user status without knowing them. Check Best Alternative Of Pikashow APK For Android.

3. Hide delivered and blue ticks

You can hide the delivered and read blue sticks from the users. There may be times that you will be busy at your works. Due to this you are unable to reply sometimes. By this there may be lot of differences between any relationships. So, this is another feature which is very useful to others. I suggest everyone to use this feature after downloading FM Whatsapp. Although this is also introduced in the official whatsapp with an option called “Read Recipients”. So it might not be a new feature to you. Also check PikaShow Apk for android.

4. Hide typing and recording action text:

Have you experienced looking at your phone that appears on the screen when you are typing? If it is for some time then it will be good. Say, for example you are sending a very long text to your officials, and then it won’t be good appearing the typing status for a very long time. There is no feature like this in the official version of the whatsapp. This was introduced in the mod version to enable its users to hide the status of typing and recording. You can sit back and relax until you type or record message.

5. Message a number without saving any contact

Sometimes, we need to send messages to lot of contact numbers to perform certain transactions. However, you have to save every contact to your phone to perform the action. By saving the number to your device only, you will be able to send text or media to the contact from your end. But in the mod version you need not save the contact. Yes, you can send the text or media directly to the user whom you want. Just you need to enter the number to which you need to send. Amazing feature right! By this there is an advantage for the users who run business. They can send their promotional messages to their customers without saving their number.

6. Disable forwarded tag on messages

In the original app, if anyone shares or forwards the message they received will look forwarded notification the top of the message. You might know this. There may be a chance of missing originality if you forward the same message multiple teams. To avoid this, mod version brought up an option to disable forwarded tag on the top of the messages. By this option, the other user will feel that the message was directly sent by you.

7. Choose who can call you 

Sometimes, getting calls from the unknown contact will be annoying. In the official whatsapp version there is no option to restrict the calls. You need to block the user, if a stranger calls you. But, in this mod apk FM Whatsapp there is an option, to choose and restrict who can call to your number. By this, you can receive calls from the known people only. As I have mentioned above, if you send promotional messages to different contacts. There may be a chance that you might receive many calls from those numbers. So, this feature will help you to choose who can call you.

8. Anti-Delete status and messages:

Another feature of mod apk FM Whatsapp is anti-delete status and messages. In the official version of whatsapp, if you have texted by mistakenly or with a wrong spell you will chose an option “delete for everyone”. By doing this the sent message will be deleted in both user devices. You cannot see what they have deleted. With this mod FM Whatsapp you can see the text or media what they have deleted. Apart from this you can see the status that has removed in the same manner. You can see the removed status in your device.

9. Customization

Bored of the same old themes that official whatsapp give. No need to worry anymore. You can do the customization whatever you want in the mod apk. Yes, you can change themes, fonts and wallpaper also. You can easily set your liked pictures or use themes that are present in the app already. You can use all these options for free of cost.

Things to Note before downloading FM Whatsapp APK

  • Both Official Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp can run in the same device without any problem.
  • However, you are not allowed to use the same number to both these official whatsapp and FM Whatsapp. Numbers should be different.
  • If you are single phone number user, then it won’t be possible to use the same number to both apps. If you try this, up to some time it will work. Later there may not be a chance to ban temporarily or permanently.
  • However, if you are having two mobile numbers then you are freely allowed to use both numbers one in each application. It will run smoothly without any problem.

How to Download and Install FM Whatsapp APK For Android

  • To Download FM Whatsapp APK to your mobile device please click on the download option give below.
  • After the successful completion of download, please install the APK file from the file manager.
  • Now go to the settings menu and next app manager and enable unknown resources in your device to enable hassle free installation of the FM Whatsapp APK.
  • Installation Process will start, follow the on screen guidelines.
  • Open the app after successful installation and enter your phone number which you want to use for your FM Whatsapp.
  • After entering the phone number you will get an OTP (One-Time-Password).
  • Enter the Received OTP and sign up and start using FM Whatsapp.

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How to Update Latest Version of FM Whatsapp APk on Android

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, you need to do manual update of the FM Whatsapp apk installed on your device. If you want to update the FMWhatsapp APK on Android device, then follow the steps which are mentioned below.

  • First of all, you need to create a backup of the text messages and media files present on your FMWhatsapp application. So that you can back up all the data.
  • Now, Tap uninstall option of the FM Whatsapp app from your device.
  • Download the latest version of FMWhatsapp APK file from the link provided.
  • Install the downloaded APK file to your device. But before that, you need to uninstall FM Whatsapp initially.
  • Now, you have now successfully updated FM Whatsapp APK on your Android device.

What Does the “Temporarily Banned” Message Mean on FM Whatsapp?

As we mentioned numerous times in this article already (refer above), FMWhatsapp is not yet released officially by WhatsApp Inc. Organization. and its team. Therefore, in an attempt of the users to force and utilize only the official WhatsApp application and not a third-party application like FM Whatsapp. WhatsApp Inc. has temporarily banned the WhatsApp account of users who install and use the FMWhatsapp application.

  • The temporary ban will be for several or few days. One more important thing is during the ban period, you are not allowed to use your official WhatsApp account. By that you can neither send nor receive messages till the ban period ends.
  • Even though you can use the latest versions of FM Whatsapp which are ban proof (version 7.25 and above).This means that the latest versions of FMWhatsapp have a tweak that will prevent WhatsApp Inc. from identifying that you are using a third-party WhatsApp application in your device. For say, if you are running older versions of FMWhatsapp, then you are at your own risk of receiving temporary ban to your account.
  • If you are unaware of your version please check in the app information. By mistake if your whatsapp got ban due to using this FM Whatsapp app there are few solutions to unban your account. Follow the below solutions to unban whatsapp account.

Solutions for Temporarily Banned on FM Whatsapp

Solution 1: Update to the Latest FM Whatsapp version.

  • As I mentioned above, the latest versions of FM Whatsapp are of ban-proof. So it will surely protect your WhatsApp account from temporary ban threats even though you are using the FM Whatsapp application?
  • Therefore, what I mean to say is if you were using an older version of FM Whatsapp and received a temporary ban for sure.
  • Wait until the stated/mentioned temporary ban period to complete, and then try to update latest version of FM Whatsapp. By doing this you will be protected from any future temporary ban risks.

Solution 2: Use Official WhatsApp Application for a While.

  • Alternative surely working solution to remove temporary ban on your account is to uninstall the FM Whatsapp APK from your device and install the official WhatsApp application from the Playstore.
  • I recommend you to use the official WhatsApp for a few days by this then you can revert back to your FM Whatsapp Android app in your device again.
  • Please plan for a backup always, as uninstalling App will delete your entire database like media, texts and everything.


What’s the difference between Official WhatsApp and FMWhatsapp?

FM Whatsapp apk is an application which possesses the entire features that WhatsApp gives to its users. Both apps will look similar. But the difference is customization of the FM Whatsapp, where you will not do any customization in Official whatsapp.

What is FM WhatsApp? Is this better than FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is completely modified version of the popular social media messaging app, WhatsApp. It offers users multiple features and options to customize which the original app doesn’t provide.

Where can I get the download link for FMWhatsapp?

You can search for several search engines for the download links on the Internet. You will get different recommendations. Make sure that you are at your own risk, if you are downloading from the different websites. There may be a chance of threat. So, I suggest you to download from the above download link. It’s completely your choice.

Can we use both FM Whatsapp and WhatsApp app together in the single device?

Yes. You can use. Because both mods have different file names, so it won’t give any problem to your device. You can have both mods installed on your phone. But remember the thing; you cannot use same mobile number for two of the apps. Both should be different.

Can we use the FM Whatsapp app for IOS?

No. Unfortunately, till now there is no update from the official team for the iOS version. So you need to wait for official update. Please be unaware that many of the websites are providing false links. Note that, you are at your own risk, downloading apps from the website.


That’s all about the wonderful application FM Whatsapp apk. It is so called alternative of whatsapp or a dual whatsapp app. So, if you are the one who want to create whatsapp for both of your numbers then I suggest you to use this application. But make sure that you are downloading the latest version for FM Whatsapp app. Because, those versions are ban proofs officially. So I suggest you to always check for the latest version of the app. keep updating when you find the new version of the app. I recommend using this app for only official purposes not meant to any harm. Thank you.

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