Tivimate Playlist [How to Add, Update, Remove]

Are you new to tivimate and want to know how to update Tivimate Playlist? Here you will learn how to Add, Update or remove Tivimate Playlist by using your android application. Watch this video tu understand how to complete this procedure easily. Do you know you can also download Tivimate for Windows.

Tivimate Playlist

Tivimate is a popular IPTV player that allows users to stream live TV channels and movies from their devices. One of the key features of Tivimate is its ability to create and manage custom playlists, which makes it easy for users to organize and access the channels they want to watch. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to create and manage playlists in Tivimate.

Creating a Playlist

Creating a custom playlist in Tivimate is simple and straightforward. To create a new playlist, follow these steps:

  1. Open Tivimate on your device and go to the “Channels” section.
  2. Select the channel you want to add to a playlist by clicking on it.
  3. Press the “Menu” button on your device, and select “Add to Playlist.”
  4. If you already have a playlist, select it from the list. If you are creating a new playlist, enter a name and press “OK.”
  5. The channel will now be added to your selected or new playlist.

Managing a Playlist

Once you have created a playlist, you can easily manage it by editing or deleting channels, reordering the channels, and more. To manage a playlist, follow these steps:

  1. Open Tivimate and go to the “Playlists” section.
  2. Select the playlist you want to manage.
  3. Press the “Menu” button on your device, and select “Edit Playlist.”
  4. You can now add or remove channels, reorder them, and even change the name of the playlist.
  5. Press “Save” to save the changes to your playlist.

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In conclusion, Tivimate Playlist is a powerful feature that allows users to organize and manage their IPTV channels with ease. It makes it simple to create custom playlists, add and remove channels, and reorder them to fit user’s preferences. With Tivimate Playlists, users can easily access their favorite channels and manage their viewing experience in a more efficient way. It’s a great way to keep your channels organized and make the most out of your IPTV experience. Tivimate Playlist is an essential feature for anyone who wants to take their IPTV experience to the next level.

14 thoughts on “Tivimate Playlist [How to Add, Update, Remove]”

  1. Have loaded in a new m3u url but showing no playlists even though I definitely have added a playlist and can see it under the Playlist settings. Ive checked the playlist url in a browser and it definitely works.

    I click the Update playlist link and something happens but there is zero feedback so I’ve no idea what happened (did it find any channels? no idea).

    I could not find an “Edit Playlist” option anywhere.

    Very frustrating!

    • I’ve had a similar problem and I’m guessing at the answer

      Try renaming the playlist from .m38u .m38u

      Alternately the playlist format could be wrong. It could be something as simple as a space. So try to remove any spaces at the very end of the list and at the very beginning of the list.

    • You need an IPTV provider. Someone you pay a certain amount per month to get all the channels. You can go on the net to find one or if you know anybody who is an IPTV provider in your area. Contact them. They will give you the URL code that you add as your M3U playlist. And presto you’re in

  2. I have an account. My subscription isn’t working the playlist I originally had for all the channels is I need to for the pay per views, sports, movie and international channels.


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