Tivimate Recording [Recording with Tivimate]

Many Tivimate Users having tivimate recording issues these days and it usually stop recording after certain timeframe. You can record IPTV stream easily just follow this method. While watching a live program, simply press the “Record” button on the remote control once to begin recording the current program.

Tivimate Recording

Watch Video to learn about How to Record IPTV Stream.

1 thought on “Tivimate Recording [Recording with Tivimate]”

  1. I would very much like a “rolling recording” feature, where recording is always done on whatever the screen is showing.
    Like my network TV-box always records, so I can always pause, and rewind back until a 2-hour limit.
    A rolling 2-hour recording that always records whatever is shown, so you can always rewind the screen up to 2 hours back.


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